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Parent testimonial's

Buzzee Beez has played a big part in all 3 of our littles one's preschool lives, going back over the last 6 years. The reason we’ve sent all 3 children is because of how much the one before them had enjoyed themselves, learnt so much and made strong bonds with the staff, and key workers particularly. So we had no hesitations sending Vivi, in fact, it was the plan for her all along. She took to Buzzee Beez really well and has really grown up with a great attitude thanks to the examples set by everyone who works hard to make it a great place for the kids. It’s not just a place that takes in children to babysit them, it’s a place where they really develop thanks to everyone going above and beyond. It’s a sad time having our last child leave the preschool, so we’d all just like to say a big thank you to everyone!

Hailey and Matt Davies July 2020